Monday, 15 December 2014

Jose Luis Acanda Fredericksburg VA Gives Tae Kwon Do Training To Adults And Children

Jose Luis Acanda Fredericksburg VA is a 34 year old martial arts coach in Virginia who aims at delivering excellent martial arts training to his students. He teaches both children and adults all aspects of Tae Kwon Do from tactics, physical conditioning and self-defense, to history and decorum. His training classes consist of conditioning, sparring, stretching and skill training, and he always tries to make things as easy as possible. He also keeps himself up to date on personal skills and training through regular practice. Although, he remains busy in taking training classes, but still he takes out some time for his family members (one brother and two sisters).

Master Jose is a qualified professional in the martial arts industry. He attended the elite Cuban Sports Federation in his native country Cuba and received Olympic-style Tae Kwon Do training. He started his professional career in Cuba at a junior high school. At this school, he worked as a Tae Kwon Do Instructor. He came to American in 2004 and started a martial arts school in Virginia, which lasted for eight years. He received many awards and recognitions in martial arts, of which a Virginia State Champion is one.

In addition to martial arts, Jose Luis Acanda Fredericksburg VA also has expertize in a variety of areas. He has good knowledge of account management and sales, and he is a good Customer Service/Telesales professional and Retail Sales Associate as well. In the May of 2004, he became a part of US Tae Kwon Do College in Tysons Corner. He worked in this college as a Tiger Den Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Instructor till September 2006. While in this college, he lead four classes daily, which had 100 students of ages between 5 to 55.

In September 2013, Jose joined Armani Exchange in Tysons Corner, VA. His job profile in this company was an Assistant Manager, and he interacted with customers and retail buyers of a variety of types for expediting orders. In addition, resolving customer complaints, processing and issuing money orders were also his duties.