Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Jose Montano Encourages People To Learn Martial Arts

Jose Montano is a highly experienced Martial Arts trainer with great years of experience under his belt. He teaches teaches taekwondo, kickboxing and jiujitsu to children and adults. He is a Tiger Den Tae Kwon Do Black Belt trainer with a tremendous experience of training 100 students ranging from age 5 to 55. He was a member of “Cerro Pelado Tournament” and was also part of an Olympic team as well. There is one factor that he wants to change is that more and more parents would do Tae Kwon Do with their kids and encourage them to learn this form of art. He loves to see that parents are setting a positive example and taking good care of themselves.

Jose Montano is proud of his students achievements and his own dedication to deliver consistent, great service to his students everyday. He says that it is important to learn martial arts for children as well as adults because it is highly disciplined activity and is used both as a form of self-defense and exercise. Moreover, it is an effective and great way to unify the mind and body . Tae Kwon Do can enhance your flexibility, balance and stamina. You will feel full of energy after training. That is why, Jose Montano encourages more and more people to take its lessons and learn this wonderful form of art.

When not busy with his profession, Jose Montano likes to spend some quality time with his family. He also likes to play paintball, bike, running and dancing. He is a benevolent person. He also did many charitable things. He and his ex wife raised 20k for the children in India.