Thursday, 26 March 2015

Jose Montano, A Martial Arts Expert Has Also Worked As A Customer Service Representative

Jose Montano is a respected martial arts instructor who was born and brought up in Cuba. After completing his education, he started taking martial arts sessions from the elite Cuban Sports Federation in Olympic style tae kwon do. He participated in many tournaments and has won a national championship for 4 times and Virginia tournament for once. Jose has also given training to the military people in Cuba,and has opened a martial arts school from a scratch in Virginia.   

Jose has worked as a martial arts teacher at a junior high school located in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. When he was a child, he wanted to become a police officer, but he gradually developed his interest in martial arts. Joaquin Palacios was his first instructor who taught him each and every technique of this art.

Presently, he gives kickboxing, jiujitsu, and tae kwon do training lessons for novice, intermediate, and experienced people who want to enhance their skills. Jose Montano,  a martial arts trainer has also served as a physical education instructor for middle school students in Mantua, Cuba.

Besides working as an instructor, he has also worked in a plethora of reputable companies. While working in this field, his career objective was to develop customer service prospect offering education and growth in exchange for positive attitude, dedication, strong work ethnic, and great people skills. He is a passionate customer service and telesales representative with comprehensive knowledge of training, account management, and sales. He is a trusted and energetic retail sales associate who is proficient in high end merchandise environments, and is a highly dedicated customer service expert with many years of client interface experience. 

Jose Montano,  a martial arts trainer has also received many awards while working with these companies. When he was employed as an assistant manager at Armani Exchange, he received “Top Seller” award for the 2 consecutive quarters.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Jose Acanda Has Become A Notable Personality In The Martial Arts Area

Jose Acanda is a martial arts instructor who is providing training to a wide range of people across Virginia and other neighboring regions. Prior to this, he has worked in many educational institutions as a Tae Kwon Do Instructor in the country. He was born in Cuba in 1980, and finished his basic education there. He was a brilliant student who stood first in the class. Fidel Castro was his hero when he was a kid. In Cuba, he attended Cerro Pelado. He became the national champion for four time. He was one of the best friends of Hector Lombard, a well-known UFC fighter.

Master Jose assumes Joaquin Palacios his mentor. Palacios was his trainer in Cuba. Jose learned a lot from him, and the best one among them was to always try to do things in a right way and help people. Martial arts is a passion for him since his childhood, and during his schooling days, he used to practice this sport with his friends. According to him, everyone should learn martial arts so as to ensure safety. He also considers it a good exercise for the human body.

Jose Acanda is one of the most trusted martial arts coaches who takes good care of his students needs. His training programs suit people of all lifestyles and budgets. Besides martial arts trainer, he is also a skilled customer service/telesale representative with great knowledge of sales, management, and accounts. He holds many years of client interface experience.

He considers America as one of the best places to start and “Rework” is the best business book that he recommends to the entrepreneurs. Jose Acanda is also a benevolent person who contributes to various charitable causes and welfare organizations. He and his ex-wife Elyse Acanda raised 20k for children in India.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Jose Luis Acanda Is Included In The List Of America’s Best Martial Arts Instructors

Jose Luis Acanda is a Virginia based professional who is listed among the country’s best Martial Arts trainers. His students have gained success in a variety of martial arts tournaments, and according to Jose, he feels proud of his students’ achievements. The Cuban born martial artist was a friend of the famous UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighter Hector Lombard. He learned Olympic-style Tae Kwon Do from Cuban Sports Federation.

In Cuba, Acanda became the National Champion for four times. For him, martial arts is more than a sport, and he is so much associated with this sport that he has dedicated his whole life to it. Other than martial arts, he also enjoys various fitness activities such as running, biking, dancing, and playing paintball. In his free times, he likes to mingle with his family members (two sisters and one brother).

Jose Luis Acanda has produced many martial arts champions. After relocating to America, he inaugurated a school in Virginia that run for eight years. The school specialized in teaching the students the martial arts. He also became the Virginia state champion. While working in Lifetime Fitness as a Personal Trainer (from February 2005 to April 2007), Acanda provided health and fitness training to a great number of clients with a variety of fitness needs.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Jose Luis Acanda Montano Has Earned Strong Reputation As A Reputed Martial Arts Instructor

Jose Luis Acanda Montano is a highly experienced, talented professional in the martial arts field. He has great love towards this sport since his childhood. In his schooling days, he used to practice for hours and was known for his excellent martial arts techniques. He is inspired by his principal trainer and mentor Joaquin Palacios. At present, Mr. Jose is providing martial arts training in Virginia. Not only adults, he also welcomes children and elderly people in his training batches. He teaches his students how to learn powerful martial arts techniques, and apply them to save from violent situations in the real life. In addition, his training classes also include martial arts strategies and tips on how to trap attackers and block their attacks.

Jose Luis Acanda Montano tops the list when it comes to the most trusted martial arts professionals in the United States. He spent his early days in his native country Cuba and then relocated to America in 2004. In the US, Mr. Jose joined various companies and businesses in a variety of industries. From September 2013 to March 2014, Acanda worked with Armani Exchange as an Assistant Manager. He successfully resolved customers’ complaints, processed and issued money orders, etc. After that, he joined Ourisman Toyota as a Loaner Car Manager, and worked in this company for over three years. In addition, he also worked as a Tae Kwon Do Instructor at Mountain Kim and US Tae Kwon Do School.