Thursday, 5 March 2015

Jose Luis Acanda Montano Has Earned Strong Reputation As A Reputed Martial Arts Instructor

Jose Luis Acanda Montano is a highly experienced, talented professional in the martial arts field. He has great love towards this sport since his childhood. In his schooling days, he used to practice for hours and was known for his excellent martial arts techniques. He is inspired by his principal trainer and mentor Joaquin Palacios. At present, Mr. Jose is providing martial arts training in Virginia. Not only adults, he also welcomes children and elderly people in his training batches. He teaches his students how to learn powerful martial arts techniques, and apply them to save from violent situations in the real life. In addition, his training classes also include martial arts strategies and tips on how to trap attackers and block their attacks.

Jose Luis Acanda Montano tops the list when it comes to the most trusted martial arts professionals in the United States. He spent his early days in his native country Cuba and then relocated to America in 2004. In the US, Mr. Jose joined various companies and businesses in a variety of industries. From September 2013 to March 2014, Acanda worked with Armani Exchange as an Assistant Manager. He successfully resolved customers’ complaints, processed and issued money orders, etc. After that, he joined Ourisman Toyota as a Loaner Car Manager, and worked in this company for over three years. In addition, he also worked as a Tae Kwon Do Instructor at Mountain Kim and US Tae Kwon Do School.

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