Thursday, 21 May 2015

Jose Montano Is A Confident Martial Arts Instructor With Exceptional Skill Sets

Born and brought up in Cuba, Jose Montano has earned huge recognition as a highly skilled martial arts instructor. After completing his education, he received training in Olympic style tae kwon do from the dignified Cuban Sports Federation. He obtained comprehensive knowledge about the sports and learned all the techniques from the masters in this field. Joaquin Palacios was his trainer when Mr. Montano used to live in Cuba, and Mr. Palacios had advised Mr. Montano to help people and to do the right things always.
Jose Montano used to teach martial arts in a military training camp in Cuba. In addition to this, he had participated in a multitude of tournaments, and had won many of them. Mr. Montano was a National champion for 4 times, and was also a Virginia State Champion. He shifted to America in 2004, and opened a martial arts training school from scratch in Virginia. He taught different types of martial arts styles to children for 8 years. He began his professional journey as a tae kwon do trainer at a junior high school in Pinar del Rio. He is a professional 4 degree tae kwon do instructor, and provides different types of training, including jiujitsu, kickboxing, and tae kwon do for children of different age groups.

Mr. Montano is very proud of the achievement of his students, and is very contended by the top notch services he offer them. He invites parents to join their children and learn tae kwon do, if they wish to stay fit and healthy. Jose Montano describes that while learning martial arts, one has to be patient. Patience helps people stay out of trouble, and maintains consistency in business, along with avoiding overreactions to unsound ideas and rumors. In free time, Mr. Montano likes to pursue his hobbies, which include dancing, camping, running, biking, and playing paintball, etc.

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