Friday, 5 September 2014

Jose Luis Acanda Suggests Parents Learn Tae Kwon Do

Jose Luis Acanda was born in Cuba and after completing his schooling there, he went on to pursue his studies. He is a martial arts trainer and has comprehensive knowledge in this field. He was trained by the popular Cuban Sports Federation in Olympic style tae kwon do. He has won many championships, including Virginia state tournament and was National  winner for 4 years as well. Jose moved to Fredericksburg where he opened a martial arts school in the month of March 2010 and trained many students. He ran this school for 8 years and taught many students the techniques and strategies of martial arts. He also used to teach in a military training center in Cuba .  

Tae Kwon Do:

As a 4 degree tae kwon do expert, Jose feels pleasure while training his students. Tae kwon do is a Korean martial art that includes self defense and combat techniques with exercise and sport. This game was developed by different Korean masters as a partial combination of Okinawan karate, taekkyeon, and many other traditions. Tae Kwon do increases flexibility,  develops strength, stamina, balance and speed of the learner. Jose Luis Acanda greatly admires the constructive impact that martial arts training has on his students. He considers the success of his students as his biggest achievement. He always wants to deliver consistent, excellent services to his learners. He believes that parents must also learn this form of martial arts with their children. He says that in this way parents can set a good example for their kinds and can motivate them to learn tae kwon do by heart.

Opinion About Business in the US:

He has an opinion that any person can succeed in a business in the Unites States, if he or she has self confidence, great determination, and hard work. Jose Luis Acanda advises people to build up confidence and to carry out some sort of research work to ensure that they know much about their business and are confident that they are doing it in a proper way.

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