Friday, 21 November 2014

Jose Louis Acanda Gives Some Useful Taekwondo Tips For The Beginners

Jose Louis Acanda is a highly experienced and well trained Tae Kwon do instructor with a tremendous experience in training 100 students ranging of all age groups. He is a 4 time National Champion. He is a Tiger Den Tae Kwon Do Black Belt trainer and was also the part of an Olympic team as well. With the expertise of teaching various students the martial arts, he gives some useful Taekwondo tips for the beginners. Let’s have a look at them:
  • Stretching is the most necessary part of the Martial Arts. Before starting any step, it is good to stretch more than one part of your body and it should be active to get a more efficient workout. Keep your body relaxed and loose when you do a stretch.
  • When practicing your step, just make sure that you are doing it correctly. While doing every step, be sure to concentrate on the purpose of every move. Additionally, practice is required as practice makes you perfect.

  • Jose Louis Acanda says that footwork is one of the most important factors of sparring, because it is the base that makes your attack stronger. At first, you should start working on your basics and then begin throwing some fakes and moving side to side. After getting comfortable in that, you should begin working in some kicks.

  • Having good kicking techniques is another big part of tae kwon do. You have to start with the basic techniques before moving to the more advanced ones. Next you can practice with the more complicated kicks. 

Furthermore, Jose Louis Acanda lays importance on the fact that a positive mental attitude is essential in Taekwondo. A positive mental attitude will keep you focused and gives you strength whatever is being attempted. He and his wife built BOA which is home of tae kwon do families, kickboxing and jiujitsu students, and Heart to the Sky Yoga Space devotees.

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