Saturday, 1 November 2014

Jose Luis Acanda Teaches Tae Kwon Do With Full Dedication And Perfection

Jose Luis Acanda is an exceptionally talented and highly motivated Tae Kwon Do instructor who has a multitude of experience teaching more than 100 students. His first step towards his professional career  started when he worked with a high school based in the province of Pinar Del Rio in Cuba and has taught tae kwon do to many students. Acanda has also taught in a military training camp in Cuba.  He was the owner of martial arts school in Virginia for eight years. Every talented person has been inspired from one or the other person. Acanda is greatly inspired by his principal trainer, Joaquin Palacios, who advised him to always help people and to do good things.

Jose Luis Acanda was educated in Cuba in Fajardo Sports Graduation School and trained by the elite Cuban Sports Federation in Olympic style tae kwon do. His birthplace is Cuba but later on, he moved to America in 2004. When he came to America, he attended the martial school for 8 years and became a Virginia State Champion once. When he started working with the US Tae Kwon Do College in May 2004, which is located in Tysons Corner in Virginia, his career took a new turn. Gradually, he gained a notable recognition as an expert tae kwon do instructor. Now, he is a Tiger Den Tae Kwon do Black Belt Trainer which makes him a reliable and authentic instructor. He instructed 4 classes on daily bases and provided private sessions in TKD for conditioning and sparring.

Being a very hard working instructor, Jose Luis Acanda knows how to teach tae kwon do to their person of every age group. That is the reason, he has students from age groups of 5 to 55 which tell his flexibility of dedication and patience. He was friends with Hector Lombard back in Cuba who is a famous UFC’s fighter. He is a 4 time national champion and always gives credit to his peers and professionals of this field.

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